Learn about us and what we do best.

Our mission

Want a fancy website full of flash animations, HiDef video and 13 soundclips opening at once? Great! Does your audience?

Here at Classical Music Web Design we are professional musicians too. We know that as musicians you have to cater for all types of audience. When you’re up on stage you’re playing to everyone from 4 to 104. Yes, some of them are going to be teenage tech whizz-kids, but many of them are retired or have a laptop that last saw an update when Tony Blair was PM. Bombard them with web wizardry and they simply run and hide.

We specialise in websites that are clean, clear and fresh. Websites that work well for Google *and* your audience. So they can watch those videos if they want to, or just read a little bit more about the amazing musician they saw last night so they can brag about it to their friends.

If that’s what you want too – we want to hear from you!

So who are we?

The main designer and coder is Dury. He’s been coding on computers since he was 8 or so, and building websites and blogs since 1997 (did they really have PC’s then?!?). He’s set up a number of successful websites (including this one), and helped other musicians create fantastic websites of their own. He’s also a professional cellist, playing in sessions and with orchestras across the UK. Looking over his shoulder (and checking the all-important spellings) is his wife Sarah Eales – also a professional violinist. He then has a group of colleagues (they’re friends really, but that just sounds better!) who can help with sound recording, professional photography and the other aspects as necessary.

What do we do?

Essentially we make good websites.

Of course, that involves meeting clients and getting a feel for what they want, building the site, helping to enhance photography sound and video so it is shown at its best, helping create the perfect words, logo design, hosting advice, helping Google realise how great you are, offering advice on Facebook and Twitter, helping set up blogs… It takes a lot to create a great website, but we don’t like to harp on about it.


Our History


Dury gets a Sinclair ZX48 at the age of 8. In between playing Chucky Egg, he quickly realises that you can programme your own games.


Now working with Basic on the Spectrum, and Amos on the Amiga, Dury and a few friends form ‘Wild Lizard Software. It was never going to worry Codemasters, but it filledĀ a few drizzly days over the school holidays.


In his first year of University, Dury and his flatmate Joel create the ‘Flat49′ website. Tales of much hilarity in a student flat, it was essentially blogging before blogging was invented.


Dury and 3 other Cardiff-based string players decide to use the internet as a way of finding clients for their string quartet. Initially hosted on a freeweb service, The Ardeton String Quartet is one of the first such groups to have a web-presence, and is now one of the highest ranking string quartet sites in the world.


After years of helping friends and colleagues improve the effectiveness and ratings of their sites, Classical Music Web Design is officially born.