Portfolio: Logo Design

Often as part of the web design process, I am asked to create, modernise, or alter logos for organisations and individuals. This is also an often overlooked part of the design process for individuals too – even though a name may appear as plain text on a website for a violinist or singer, the choice of logo and spacing will affect the site viewer’s opinion of that person. Times Roman can seem somwhat bland or dated, whereas a rounded font will imply softer or more playful side. Clean fonts imply modern and no-nonsense, whereas more angular fonts imply strength.


Thornbury Area Music Trust

This new, vibrant music trust wanted branding, headers, letter heads, marketing leaflets and postcards. Below are some of the graphics which have been used over the last 2 years.







South Gloucestershire Music Service

I was asked to create a logo for the music service itself (which was used until it became a hub in 2012), and for several of its ensembles. The service had a biannual festival which used the treble clef as part of its branding and I was asked if there was a way to incorporate this into its design as many members of the public had already made that association. The logos themselves used a clean modern font and the colours of the local authority.