Portfolio: Sarah Eales – Violinist

Okay, straight away I’ll come clean: I’m married to Sarah Eales. If anything though, this made being objective and rational about what should and shouldn’t be included in her website much more difficult. Sarah wanted to equally promote her playing work (which fell into neat categories: orchestral, chamber, soloist, session musician) alongside her teaching work which made it very easy for structuring the navigation on the website.

The key thing here (if you’ll pardon the pun) was keywords. How to make sure that Sarah’s site would score well for searches both for violin lessons in her local area and as a session musician in a much wider field. A lot of time was spent coordinating keywords across both the page text, meta data and the page titles themselves (not to mention creating relevant alt text for images).

Sarah had some strong photography (a mixture of images taken by wedding photographers and more studio shots taken by me), and wanted to showcase her session work and recordings on the front page – hence the prominent soundcloud player and youtube video on the front page.