Portfolio: Thornbury Area Music Trust

Thornbury Area Music Trust is a registered charity providing musical activities for children aged 4-18. They wanted a website to launch the new trust, with the brief that it had to be both professional and easy to use, but beyond that many of the decisions over its appearance and structure were left to me.

It became clear that the trust had three main activities; Junior Music Centre, Music Centre and a Youth Orchestra which dictated the menu structure, and also most of the elements on the front page (the opening page shows links to all three).

web design for music organisation

The header graphic, logo, and slider were all designed by classicalmusicwebdesign. There are four sliding images, each relating to main activities of the trust. The site itself has a lot of white space to give a modern, but almost gallery-like feel. The use of the century-gothic font helps to maintain the feel of modernity, whilst the arial-menu has a functional feel – leaving the viewer in no doubt as to where the menus and links are situated,

Being a music site, it feature audio and video samples. The trust wanted to be able to upload their own pictures and audio files as needed, so we set-up accounts with youtube, soundcloud and flickr which integrate nicely with the site. The widgets for most of these are on the right sidebar (where most people would expect to find them, along with a twitter widget for important announcements.

web design - music siteThis allows various members of the trust to update to the website without the need for altering any code.

In terms of the logo and colour scheme, the trust wanted something which was simultaneously striking and modern, and blue (known for its trustworthy properties) seemed a perfect fit, and has been used on all of its future branding.

Due to the overwhelming popularity and web traffic to the site, the trust have since requested a second site for their youth orchestra, The South Cotswold Youth Orchestra. The brief was to have a similar corporate feel (to keep it within the TAMT stable), but with enough alteration to make it feel like a separate organisition. For this reason I chose to go with a red colour scheme, lose some of the information boxes, but otherwise keep the same basic structure and layout as with the TAMT site.

South Cotswold Youth Orchestra - Youth Orchestra in South Glos